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We're sorry, but we are no longer trading

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We're sorry, but we are no longer trading.


Thank you to all our previous customers and suppliers.


We wish you all the best.

Baby Equipment Hire UK - About Hiring/Rental

As every parent and grandparent knows, babies need a lot of equipment. Children don't travel lightly and when a child comes to stay equipping your home can be costly and time consuming...


...until now.




You can travel lighter, faster, greener and easier when you leave your own baby equipment at home.


We will have your holiday stroller, cot, high chair, stair gates and even activity centre waiting for you. You can arrive at your cottage, bed and breakfast, hotel or caravan to find everything you need for baby without all the packing and unpacking. You will even have used less petrol, travelled in more comfort and had more space for your own luggage! If you are leaving the car at home we will meet you at the train station with your equipment and a car seat for your taxi or hire car.


We really do make hiring baby equipment easy. We can help make your holiday, business trip or vacation with baby easier and cheaper.




If you are having children to visit why spend £100's turning a room into a nursery?


You can have everything you need delivered in plenty of time for your special guests to be comfortable and safe. From the cot, high chair, playpen and baby monitors to socket protectors and toys, let us take the hassle out of what should be a most enjoyable experience.


Travel lighter, faster, greener and easier:

Hassle free visits:

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Don't forget the car seats if you'll be taking the wee ones out and about!

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